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Take your stand, reflect on your heritage, embrace your culture and let us stitch it to life. We have you covered if you need a cheeky, casual, corporate, or collaborated suit. Book an appointment with us today, so we can get you looking dapper for whatever occasion.

initial consultation

Initial Consultation

After confirming your personal connoisseur, The Goat will extend an invitation to guide you through our prestigious fabric books with clothes that are hand sourced by visiting the finest Italian, French, and UK mills, giving you that European quality with all the South African flair. Individual measurements will be taken, styles discussed, patterns made, and tailoring begun.

first fitting

First Fitting

By this time, your handcrafted piece will be 85% complete, allowing room for any acute adjustments and the finer details adhered to by our master tailor. Our ambition is to customise your garment to speak volumes for your individuality and edge, as well as to tailor-make a fit that your body can move naturally in.

hand delivery

Hand Delivery

Your garment is precious. We value that and will personally hand deliver it over to you. Besides, we can’t wait to see your first impression of our craftsmanship.

What We Offer



Male or Female, we cater for all. Using only the finest fabrics from around the world, we will help guide you in creating the perfect fitting bespoke suit for you.

bespoke shirts


Using 100% Egyptian Cotton fabric, we will create the perfect shirt for you. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, different collars, cuffs, contrasts, and even the buttonhole treads. We do it all!

Custom wedding suit


Whether it’s a check, birds eye or you want to keep it simple and opt for a plain fabric, we have it all. Style up your outfit with the perfect sports blazer.



Looking to dress up your two-piece suit? Whether you want to keep it classy or keep it casual, a waistcoast is the perfect addition.

client in bespoke wedding suit and groomsmen suits


100% wool, Poly Viscose or Chino, we create the perfect fitting pair of trousers for you.

Goat voucher


Looking for the perfect present? Look no further, The Goat has you covered!

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